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Loss of cognitive
functions affects 48

Loss of cognitive functions like thinking, remembering and reasoning (dementia) affects 48 million people globally. Signs of dementia include issues with memory, language skills, vision, problem-solving, self-management and the ability to pay attention.

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The cost of senior care is staggering. Home health care costs about $4,000 a month. Assisted living facilities start at $4,000 a month and go way up from there. Nursing care average monthly costs are $7,400 to $8,400.

For about $1 a day, SentryTell provides a great first step into knowing what's happening when you're not there, for a fraction of the cost of more advanced care. Alerts are sent as notifications straight to your phone. You decide what alerts are important.

Don't wait until something happens! If you've read this far, you probably know the time is now to take a step towards better information on your loved one.

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