How It Works

We determine normal activity levels for your senior and compare today to that norm.  If something is unusual, we send alerts to your phone. 

It's time to get smart about the safety of your senior! 

Get The Details

1.  Worried About Your Senior?

Our seniors want to live at home, but how do we know they are safe? 

SentryTell solves this with 24/7 activity monitoring of your senior, without invasive cameras.

Watch and learn more!

2. Installs in Minutes!

Setup is easy!  We configure your system for you.

Just connect the hub and place the sensors in your senior's home.

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3. Download SentryTell

Download our app from the App Store or Play Store. 

SentryTell gets smarter every day as it learns your senior's normal daily activities!

4. See What You Get

 From push alerts for unusual activity to alerts for motion in high risk areas, smoke alarm activation and more, SentryTell has your senior covered.

Here is a look at what you'll get.

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