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SentryTell provides protection plans for the location you want to monitor based on the sensors you have chosen. Our protection services automatically monitor the sensors you have installed in your senior’s home. You will have access to customized activity reporting that shows how and when your loved one is moving about the home. In addition, we send you immediate alerts based on motion and other events that occur that are unusual. Alerts are completely customizable! You decide what is unusual based on the type of sensor and its location in the home.


There are three plan levels based on the number of sensors
we will monitor for you:

  • Entry level (up to 6 sensors) for $39.99 USD per month
  • Standard level (7 to 10 sensors) for $44.99 USD per month
  • Advanced level (11 to 15 sensors) for $49.99 per month


There are no contract terms to worry about. No long term contracts, our plans can be cancelled at any time. Protection plans will automatically renew each month and are charged on the first day of each calendar month until cancelled. New customers are prorated for the current month of sign up based on the number of days left in the month. We accept Visa and MasterCard for payment.


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