The SentryTell story...  

SentryTell started when my parents’ health began to decline.  I live in North Carolina and my parents were in Florida.  I would visit as often as I could, but I had no easy way to monitor what was really going on in their home on a day to day basis.  My Dad’s stability was not very good and I constantly worried about the risk of a fall.  My parents were also showing signs of declining short term memory, which just made matters worse. I thought about putting a web camera in, but it’s so invasive to their privacy.  They would surely have objected to something like that.  

We tried home health care for them for a brief period, but were dissatisfied with caretakers changing all the time and still not being sure where our parents were, how active they were (or not) and whether they were more at risk than we realized.  We considered assisted living, but it is incredibly expensive! 

As time has passed, I began to research better, less costly ways to keep aging parents in their own homes in a way that lets their caregivers know they are safe.  The technology exists and is getting more mature, but no one has really put it into an easy-to-install solution and easy-to-use system. 

After two years of research, development and testing, I am proud to launch SentryTell.  If you are a caregiver or part of a caregiver team for an aging senior, I am certain you will find SentryTell a very helpful tool in your efforts to keep your senior safe, happy and comfortable at home.

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