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Aging In Place

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Apr 26, 2022 Charanjeet Saini

5 Situations When Seniors May Need a Medical Alert System

May 12, 2021 Shopify API

A senior/geriatric medical alert system can be immensely helpful in numerous circumstances. Here we discuss what these situations are and how medical alert systems can benefit your elderly parent or in-law. We also take a look at the top 5 senior/geriatric medical alert systems that you can purchase right away.

Home Care Services for Seniors

May 05, 2021 Shopify API

There is a variety of medical and non medical home care services available for seniors and it's important to understand what's available.  Adding a home care service for your senior can start out as simply as someone to come in and clean a couple times a week, or it can be as involved as full time care from one or more caregivers.  Learn more about what's available here!

Aging In Place - Safety Concerns

May 03, 2021 Alan Rupp

When seniors are aging in place in their own homes, safety becomes a top priority for the caregiver team.  The issues develop over time.  It is important to follow up with your senior to keep them safe in their own homes.  Read more for our tips and suggestions.

Technology for Seniors

Remote Monitoring of Seniors Becoming More Effective

May 11, 2021 Shopify API

Seniors aging in place can benefit from an extra set of eyes overseeing their health and safety. If you're a live-out caregiver, you may be video-calling your elderly parent a few times a week. As a live-in caregiver of a parent in a later stage of dementia, you may be trying your best to understand their physical and behavioral changes. Monitoring your parent's activity will be paramount even as you go about your daily activities. In both scenarios, remote monitoring is helpful.

Help Your Independent Elderly When They Fall

May 11, 2021 Shopify API

If your senior parent(s) are aging in place and you're away from them, the thought of your parents' falling and injuring themselves may occupy your mind. Fortunately, the medical alert systems market has grown in recent years and offers different types of in-home and on-the-go systems for emergency protection, fall detection, medication monitoring and remote monitoring.

Sensor-based Remote Monitoring Versus Medical Alert Wearables for Fall Detection Among Seniors

May 11, 2021 Shopify API

Medical alert pendants like Life Alert® and other wristband devices aren’t doing enough for seniors who live independently. They’re steadily being replaced by sensor-based monitoring systems that provide caregivers an easy way of tracking seniors’ activity levels at home to mitigate the risks of aging. Here’s a look at why medical alert systems like Life Alert® have become somewhat outdated in the digital age, and why sensor-based senior monitoring solutions like Sentry Tell are here to stay. 

Alternatives to Life Alert® Medical Alert System

May 10, 2021 Shopify API

One out of every five seniors falls each year, so systems like Life Alert ® have been a very popular way to get notified when something happens to your aging senior.  But it's an expensive option and there are newer, less expensive technologies in place today that may be a better choice.

Planning for Your Senior

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